Teacher Favorites

Ridgewood PTA and families love to treat our favorite Ridgewood staff to their favorite things! Find your teacher's favorite things and more by clicking on their name below. If their name is not found below that means they have not provided that information to us.

Kindergarten - Ms. Ackerman

Kindergarten - Ms. Stillings

1st Grade - Ms. Ginther-Hutt

1st Grade - Ms. Marchion

1st Grade - Ms. Nguyen-Vu

2nd Grade - Ms. Drenckpohl

2nd Grade - Ms. Justice

2nd Grade - Ms. Swanson

2nd Grade - Ms. Tolomei

3rd Grade - Mr. Jensen

3rd Grade - Ms. Stoops

3rd Grade - Mr. Wollin

3rd/4th Grade - Ms. Kubena

4th Grade - Ms. Alldredge

4th Grade - Ms. Wilson

5th Grade - Ms. Bloss

5th Grade - Mr. Hoell

5th Grade - Ms. Sanchez

PE - Ms. Kennedy

PE - Ms. McHolland

Music - Ms. Krause

Library Paraeducator - Mr. Slane

LAP interventionist - Ms. Thorum

Counselor - Ms. Tabolsky

Speech/Language Pathologist - Ms. Madden

Custodian - Mr. Fox

Data Processor - Ms. Saxena

Educational Assistant - Mr. Harper

Principal - Mrs. Blocher

Interim Principal - Ms. McBride